Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer time

The best part about being a teacher is having my summers off. It allows me the pleasure of training and working full time at the gym. July and August are the two best training months that I have. I was supposed to have a title fight on June 15th, but I can't find a match. Now I won't fight til the IKF in Orlando this July. I'm disappointed, but I'm testing for my advanced brown belt on the 22nd of June so I have other things to keep me occupied. Training camp for the fighters started yesterday, since I don't have a fight I can focus more on Jiu Jitsu and my belt test. I went early to work on my forms and to grapple with Joe, the only other guy in the gym that is my size.

I just got my ticket to go to Florida. I'm registered at 108lbs in International Kickboxing Rules. I came in second last year to Tecia Torres at 116lbs. She went pro right after that. I want the title this year, after all, who knows when I'll be competing in kickboxing again after I go to Brasil.

In August, right after the tournament, I'm moving back to Pennsylvania. I'll get to train at Renzo Gracie PA, which is cool because I'm the only girl at MiKiDo and I know three girls that roll in that gym. I'll get to train there for a month or so before going to Brazil.

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