Terere Kids Project

FERNANDO TERERE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Academia Terere
Rua Alberto De Campos 12
Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Email: TerereKidsProject@gmail.com

Terere Kids Project is a Non Profit Jiu Jitsu based Social Project located at the base of the Cantagalo Favela in Ipanema. Although Terere has been teaching free Jiu Jitsu classes in the favela since he received his blue belt in 2000. Terere was one of the first teachers to bring Jiu Jitsu to the communities and now most favela's in rio have BJJ based social projects.

Terere Kids Project is a blog that I started in 2013 to help raise small donations to pay for local tournaments. Now thanks to support from the international Jiu Jitsu community we are able to pay for monthly tournments, fund the snack program, and provide free English tutoring.

The goal of the social project is to teach children one of the world’s most popular Martial Arts, while also teaching them to respect themselves, their instructors and their training partners. Besides being a recreational activity for the children of the Cantagala community, Jiu Jitsu also provides a safe environment away from the world of drugs and alcohol that is often found in poor areas of Rio de Janeiro. Through practicing Jiu Jitsu, our students learn about the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

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