Monday, March 17, 2014

MMA- The Other Side of the Mats

Claudinha Galdelha: You want to compete MMA?
Me: Yeah
Cluandinha: Just talk to Dede ( Andre Pederneiras)
Me: (look of horror)

NoGi or Submission class

She said it like it was the easiest thing in the world. You know, just go talk walk up to Andre Pederneiras, tap him on the shoulder, and be like, "Hey I want to fight!"... No big deal really. I mean, half the time I see him at the gym some guy is sticking a camera in his face or interviewing him. Last time I saw him there were cameras all over him and he was running try outs for middle heavy weight spots on the team. So, I decided to go with plan B instead: just keep showing up to training until he notices, or someone tells him about me, or someone at least introduces me to the man! I mean how hard could that be, all I do is train...

Since I've been at Nova Uniao, my goal has been to get on the other side of the mats. What do I mean by the other side? Well, there is one side filled with women and teenagers and people that come to Nova Uniao just because and then there is the other side, filled with huge muscles, six packs, and sweaty guys (and 4 girls) that look like they could rip you apart. The other side is where all the fighters are... the side where you need permission to be on.

This week I've managed to get over to that side for several training sessions! It was actually as easy as going up to Claudinha after one of the normal classes and asking about it. Apparently she makes everything seem easy...

So I get into my first pro training and of course it's a wrestling class because I suck at wrestling. I spent a good portion of the class trying to not to make a fool out of myself. The warm up was easy because thankfully, after so many years of Hess abuse... I mean, training at MiKiDo, carrying around a guy that has 6K on me and trying to do bicept curls with him doesn't actually seem too out of the ordinary. In my head I managed to do alright ( by not making a fool out of myself) and I also picked up some pretty nice tips on arm triangles from Claudinha.

Other highlights from training at Nova Uniao this week:

1. I have bruises on my face (again) from NoGi BUUUT everyone else turned up with black eyes and busted lips the next day so apparently I got off easy.

2. Jose Aldo was in boxing class the other day.... really hard to concentrate on combos when Jose Aldo is right behind you. That was another exercise in trying not to make a fool out of myself!

Jose Aldo and Roberto Leitao

3. That 74 year old man in compression shorts: I had no idea who the man was but he looks like someone's grandfather and then all of the sudden one day I see him strip down to compression shorts and start rolling with the fighters. Everyone calls him Mestre (master) and gives him the utt-most respect, so needless to say, I do the same thing. I have had several conversations interesting conversations with him despite the fact that I have no idea who he is... Well, it turns out, he is the man that invented luta livre, Roberto Leitao. He is apparently still a beast on the mats.

4. I won another gold medal Feb 22nd. I only had one fight and won on points (10-0).  I'm fighting again this weekend, and the next weekend, and the weekend after that as well...

Circuito Minerinha

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