Thursday, August 1, 2013

New State. New Gym

So, I finally moved out of Virginia (and out of my cubby at MiKiDo) and I made it without crying! Before leaving I stopped by the gym one last time because I forgot my Bo staff. I got a chance to say goodbye to Umaer (one of my trainers), and my title belt, that is now hanging on the gym wall.  Then I had to drive a Uhaul truck all the way up to Pennsylvania by myself, which I was not happy about! Well I broke all the stereo types about women and driving. Not only did I make it up to PA in great time, I backed the truck into my driveway in my narrow one way street!! Needless to say, I feel pretty accomplished. 

I left VA at 1:30pm which gave me enough time to get to PA park the truck, unload a few bags (i.e. unleash chaos in my room),  and make it to Renzo Gracie PA in time for their 6:30 Jiu Jitsu class. 

This happened, but I found rashguard 
and compression shorts!

I got in a nice hour of rolling. We went over the arm bar, how to finish the arm bar if your getting stacked, then triangle and triangle escapes. What I like about their Jiu Jitsu classes is they teach a series of techniques that flow together over a week or two period and continuously reinforce those specific techniques. The end results is a lot more drilling and technique perfection then I normally get. At other gyms they drill arm bar for 10 minutes then go live. Then the next day they'll drill another unrelated technique and go live. As a smaller person, I need all the technique that I can get because there is no way I'm going to over power a guy thats got 50-100 pounds on me!

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